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    Working in Complexity: How do we take action when everything is uncertain?

    October 10-11, 2018

    With Chris Corrigan and Bronagh Gallagher

    Complexity science is a rapidly emerging field which draws from viewing society as a complex living system. More and more people concerned about social transformation and systemic change are turning towards this way of thinking to help them better understand how their work fits into the world. Complexity science gives us a lens and a vocabulary to see organizations and societies as living, evolving systems. Instead of trying to plan and control our way to social change, complexity science suggests ways of working with life’s messy reality. It helps us recognize that it is not usually possible to know for sure how to get from Point A (what we think is the problem) to Point B (what we think is the solution), or what will truly make the difference in getting there. Complexity sciences supports us in developing new practices that reflect the ever-changing nature of our social systems.


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    Working with Power: How can different understandings of power – from the personal, organizational, and societal – help us have more impact in our work?

    October 19-20, 2018

    With Bronagh Gallagher and Elizabeth Hunt


    We experience the effects of power every day. We have to deal with a boss who won’t listen. We pretend to ignore harassment that rattles us. We witness an injustice from afar. Our energy soars from listening to a podcast that inspires us. The power we experience shapes our lives.

    We also exercise power every day. We tell our kids to pick up their socks. We decide how to apply that new policy in our organization. We give our partner the silent treatment. We join a neighbourhood organization. The power we exercise shapes our lives.

    In each of these moments, we make a decision about how to interact…do we give power, share power, take power, or simply walk away? Scale the experience and exercise of power to an organizational, societal, or even systemic level and we can start seeing that the world we live in is shaped by countless interactions around power.